Youtube’s Off Ramp


More and more youtubers are reporting different kinds of censorship, with some actually going through the logical steps to demonstrate it.

Few if any channels appear to be shut down altogether. Instead, the hardest-hitting and most spot-on channels are sent into digital off ramps. Youtube and Google make it so these channels do not appear so frequently in searches, or in lists of recommended videos. They are buried.

This means that the channels have lower view counts than would be normal. However, it does not stop there.

Let’s remember that the national security state created an Alphabet Soup of many new agencies and departments, hiring warehouses of cyber-officers with very little to do except ingratiate themselves to their masters.

Youtube, Google, Facebook, were all born of the Orwellian state. There is no real division.

Some agents, and the programs they run, let video counts climb but then depress or reduce the view counts, to take the winds out of the sails of youtubers.

Other programs, with algorithmic precision, experiment with knocking off subscribers, or with retaining subscribers but not letting new videos show up as such.

It seems that these efforts to subtly control content on the internet, to depress it without banning it altogether, are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

The agencies in question appear to be running experiments. Age, gender, zip codes, political affiliation, levels of hostility towards the state, etc…, are all factored into precise algorithms for digital control.

Youtube has become weaponized another way also: Agents and “bots” will increasingly harass youtubers in the comment sections and elsewhere. Again, they have very little else to do. It’s a machine of bureaucratic momentum. And for some of these agents, they take great glee in these fraternity-style pranks.

Among the most constrained channels has to be Jungle Surfer, and I catch about half the videos posted here. Excellent content. This channel exposes the combination of wickedness and ridiculousness in a way that must really aggravate the Uber controllers. Jungle Surfer also reveals the symbolism and numerology in the elite hoaxcraft.

This channel has been around for years and presents unique information, and without impediment it would be gaining more views (or showing them as more views).

Many channels on Youtube have also been demonetized, on the grounds of copyright violations, etc… Here Youtube is violating its own terms of agreement and the law. The material in question is not pornographic, nor does it show graphic violence.

The demonetized videos show – for reference sake – video clips from commercials, TV shows or movies, embedded into political and social commentary, sometimes with parody. Clearly legal. Clearly “Fair Use.” The youtubers are not making money on the artistic work per se.

I predict that Youtube and Google will continue to suppress more and more channels, to corral them into echo chambers, without eliminating them altogether.

One reason the controllers are reluctant to simply hit the “kill switch” on a bunch of truther channels, for now, is interesting.

The controllers, and the kind of non-human and anti-human agenda they represent, are empowered with a kind of artificial, mathematical kind of intelligence – of extreme form. However, they lack access to true innovation.

They cannot create new combinations of concepts; they cannot give birth to something truly original. Hence, these intellectual parasites hover over the freest thinkers, stealing what they can, to maybe transform it, and squashing what might be a threat to them.

However, there is at least one human emotion that these controllers do have: they hate being mocked.

In my own experience, I became aware of the tampering of webpage analytics a long time ago, when I had a webpage accessed by students (that I counted, into the hundred) and then weeks later saw the analytics ridiculously low: 8.

With Youtube, my ball-earth meme video realistically garnered between 100 – 200 views, considering my confirmed network of friends, relatives, students (and not factoring in people who read this webpage). And so Youtube lists the count as “31 views.”

Of course. In seven years, there has been no change in their behavior. The sniveling and snickering controllers – the usual circle jerk – really gets off on this. I’m not as bothered by this as others. Before I even posted the video, I knew this would happen. They are so predictable.


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