American Students Homebound

The figure below is revealing


The program I work for does well in the summer time, but we rarely break 15 students in the regular semester.

Why aren’t more students coming to what is in reality the world’s largest real economy? (The US is only larger if we include all the derivatives and Wall Street speculation).

Why aren’t they trying to learn Chinese, and thereby secure a guarantee of lifetime employment? Talk about a trade skill. Foreigners who speak Mandarin are valued here. My own Mandarin is not good (though I know many isolated words), but in August I will deep dive, and resurface speaking it well. Preparing now.

Why are American students subjecting themselves to extreme gouging with student loans? They are graduating with more than 100,000 in student loans in many cases. American tuition is probably the world’s highest. And a Bachelor’s is no guarantee of any job, except making capucchinos.

What’s with the willingness to become a debt slave? Why live in a free range debt prison?

China has quite a few universities where the first two years or more are only in English instruction. This is especially true for Business, Economics, Finance and Medicine. Sichuan University, ranked #9 in all of China, charges tuition of about 3,000 USD per year – with a dorm! Yeah.

I just don’t get it. Is the new generation that coddled? Can’t cut Mommy’s apron strings?

Worried about a vpn slowing down Internet speed? Worried about the occassional spikes in air pollution? Hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

At least the American students we do receive here are for the most part enthusiastic and adventurous. But the overall decline in numbers is somewhat concerning.

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