Season 6, Episode 2

With the Syrian crisis exploding in 2011, we are now in Season 6.

As is being widely reported, here by CBS:

“President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed the importance of a unified response in the event of another chemical attack in Syria, according to a readout of a phone call the two held Tuesday.”

The western nations involved made it clear that this response will be military.

Of course, in reality, there are only two legal means for the US and France to respond militarily.

First, they could wait for Syria to attack the US or France, and invoke Article 51 of the UN Charter, allowing for self-defense (or if these powers can demonstrate that a Syria’s attack was “imminent.)

Second, the US and France could ask for, and receive, permission from the UN Security Council to punish Syria for any use of chemical weapons. This would rely on Article 42 of the UN Charter, which allows the Security Council to¬†use force to “maintain or restore international peace and security.”

Those are the only two means. There are no other ways. Everything else is illegal.

Interestingly, the supposed opponents to a US-French response, including the Russian and Syrian governments, remain silent yet again. This is because they represent controlled opposition. These leaders, Putin, Assad, and others, are merely actors on a stage, reading the lines written for them by others. It’s a show.

Trump and Macron should probably reflect upon the roles being cast for them. Their puppet masters – the directors and producers behind the scenes – could just as easily, in Season 7, turn the tables, and send both of these stooges to a World Court war crimes tribunal for 1) deploying military force without UN approval and 2) complicity with Islamic rebels, who would be using chemical weapons in the first place, to blame it on Assad. (It’s a complicated script).

So yes, Trump and Macron act all high and mighty today, leaving them vulnerable to being potato-sacked and carted to The Hague tomorrow. No never knows. Writers and producers like to surprise, often keeping the script from the actors.

The real controller agenda here is twofold.

First, the controllers feel somewhat constrained by post-World War II international laws and norms. They created these, but these restraints now inhibit the wanton, ruthless violence required for their system. And so the Trump-Macron scheming is not really a war not on Syria. It’s a war on international law.

Second, the controllers would like to reconfigure the chess game somewhat, bringing it more into alignment with a “Fall of Damascus” ending. It is hard to tell if this will happen in Season 6, 7 or whatever. Maybe it won’t even happen.

Hopefully, the entire show gets cancelled, on account of bad writing, bad directing, and bad acting. Only the special effects aare somewhat decent, and even those are low-budget.

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