Dietary Desecration

Monsanto is back in the news. This time California is set to list a Monsanto product, glyphosate, as cancer-causing. Monsanto “vows fight.”

Monsanto is interesting because it originally was more of a chemical company, not a food company the way we think of Kellogg’s for example.

This tidbit from Wikipedia:

“In 1926 the company founded and incorporated a town called Monsanto in Illinois (now known as Sauget). It was formed to provide minimal regulation and low taxes for Monsanto plants at a time when local jurisdictions had most of the responsibility for environmental rules.”

The company also worked on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, developing “nuclear weapons.”

Monsanto’s history includes making industrial chemicals such as sulfuric acid and PCBs, the latter of which are highly toxic and banned in the 1970s. It also produced huge quantities of DDT, also eventually banned.

Monsanto’s production of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War revealed its true nature: this is a chemical weapons company. It still remains close to that mission, but with food.

Today, Monsanto is dedicated to producing all manner of GMO Frankenfoods, growth hormones, etc – anything that desecrates the human diet.

Monsanto is essentially part of the toxic brew dripped into our Petri dish, to see what us poor bastards can take. At some point, however, this experiment in evolutionary fitness gave way to pure sadism: the rise of the mad scientists, truly mad.

Monsanto is back in the news. But it is allowed to be back in the news. This legislative resistance to Monsanto, on the Left Coast, is contextualized to keep our focus on the margins of the issue, on this or that chemical, and not on the full-spectrum war on the human species.

Monsanto is just a small part of this war – chemtrails, petroleum, steroids, hormones, fluoridation, vaccination and even Hollywood’s programming are part of this experiment gone awry – to see what us poor bastards can take, to see how far people can be pushed, and so see if the human race has any intelligence or integrity.

Somewhere, bets are being placed. Wager are being made: whether or not humanity will be, as Michel Foucault imagined “… erased like a face drawn in sand at the edge of the sea.”

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