A Syrian Drama?


I am beginning to think that the overlay in Syria of the superpower struggle is a complete fraud.

Several months ago, this website – and others – produced images subtantiating the conclusion that Trump’s air strike on Syria never happened. The global media complex only produced a few photos, none of them convincing, and several revealed destruction that obviously took place years ago.

Recently, Russia supposedly threatened the US, saying that it will consider US air planes west of the Euphrates to be potential “targets.”

Consider this. International law is crystal, crystal clear regarding the legality of the western presence in Syria. It is illegal. Syria never attacked any western power, meaning that the UN Charter’s provision for self-defense does not kick in.

The Syrian government has not formally invited the western coalition into the country to cooperate, although Pres. Assad hinted at potential cooperation. Syria – backed by Russia – could very easily take this complaint to the World Court in The Hague and win – just as Nicaragua won its case against the US for planting explosive devices in its harbors.

Regarding Syria… Why would any self-respecting president, of any country allow, its sovereignty to be so obviously violated? With barely a peep? It remains possible that the Syrian inner circle of government are just actors, and I’m not the first or the only one to consider this.

Why would anyone expect Russia to seriously counter western meddling in the Middle East? Russia never really has, after all. Afghanistan and Iraq went on. So did Libya. Russia and China vetoed formal western intervention into Syria, not because they were opposed, at least for Russia, but because Syria would be the backdrop – the theatre in the round – for a Broadway-style production: the Fall of Damascus.

Russia remains silent regarding false-flag events in the West. It also sponsors its own false-flag events. So why would anyone expect the Russian government to act with genuine and legitimate insterests in Syria?

I’m beginning to think that all these high-placed liars are working together, or, at the very least, being puppeted with some kind of synchronicity.

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