Cold War Nostalgia


The Cold War and its proxy wars were so much fun for both sides. All that intrigue. Political bombast at the United Nations. Colorful personalities. Yeah, it would be fun to turn the clock back a bit.

The clock has been turned back by the White House as it re-imposes sanctions and a travel ban on American individuals going to Cuba. But this Cold War, the second time around, is just not as satisfying. It was a charade back then, and now it is a charade of a charade. It ain’t the real thing…

I’m wondering if this is an experiment in mass psychology, of Orwellian proportions.

The Trump administration – pointing to Cuba’s state restrictions on their citizens’ freedom of movement – decides to counter, by re-imposing US state restrictions on Americans’ freedom of movement. Amazing. The irony is lost on many people apparently.

Interestingly, it is impossible to truly create a real law to prevent Americans from travelling to any country, unless perhaps the US had declared war or something. Even then. So, historically with Cuba, this prohibition becomes a Treasury Department restriction, preventing Americans from actually spending any money in Cuba. A very serpentine logic.

I could always use my Panama passport for Cuba and no one would care, but the few times I went to the Caribbean (apart from living in Haiti) was the Dominican Republic, spectacular.

The upcoming travel ban is nonsensical and violates natural law. The White House is pulling out the red, white and blue on this issue, getting all-American with it, but the restriction reveals it to be everything but.




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