Then and Now: A Quickening


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Let’s compare the mass media and political complex of 1995 and 2017

Back then, a “Unabomber” who lived in a cabin supposedly sent packages that, when opened, exploded. Most of the victims (alleged victims) worked (allegedly) at universities and institutions.

Guess what? The Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski, had penned a rant! And it was this rant that the New York Times decided to publish, leading his brother to identify the bomber and turn him in. Perfectly scripted for a delayed, time-released demonization of survivalists, a psychological campaign operating in the collecive subconscious.

The American media could talk about little else for weeks. We were subject to endless and detailed stories about the Unabomber. In CSI fashion, there were illustrations of his cabin, his belongings, the works. We got to see his sofa, his kitchen, his bathroom. Pretty much all in one room, really.

The Unabomber represents an extreme archetype: a bearded hermit living like a lone wolf in his Montana cabin far from civilization: Henry David Thoreau, but on a bad acid trip.

Let’s take the log cabin “story” farther. The Unabomber actually looks like Abraham Lincoln on a bad acid. Indeed, like Abraham Lincoln, the Unabomber was also raised in Illinois. And the Unabomber moved to a cabin in Montana, just outside the town of Lincoln. No shit.


Interestingly, the unabomber’s last name was Kaczynski, Eastern European just like Sobchak in The Big Lebowski.

Today we have the baseball shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, who represents a slightly different archetype for an American terrorist: the frustrated blue-collar worker who is stuck in decades past – like Sobchek in The Big Lebowski.

Unlike the Unabomber story, last week’s story about Hodgkinson disappeared very quickly from the front pages and from TV’s “Breaking!” headlines. This is odd, even considering San Francisco and the London fire.

A generation ago, the shooting of any Senator, especially a House Majority Whip, would have remained at the top of the news cycle for weeks. Major drama.

A generation ago, there would have been something close to a live feed from the hospital, and we would be subject to all the details of the shooter’s life, which now include his fake Facebook posts (Fakebook).

We would also be subject to even more details from his jerry-rigged rap sheet, with camera crews visiting the neighbors and such. “He mowed his lawn every Saturday.” That sort of thing.

Today, this story about Senators being shot had a 24-hour news cycle with diminished coverage afterwards. Even the truth community barely covered it.

I believe that the short news cycle is mass conditioning, preparing a public (with a digitally decreased attention span) for a more rapid sequence of violent media spectacles.

There are two kinds of terrorist-related stories now. The false-flag incidents where shooters are conditioned and unleashed, and completely fabricated stories based on many layers of lies. There are precious few real incidents emerging organically in the world.

The global media complex is preparing for rapid-fire coverage (no pun intended) of these events, with more of them to occur in the United States. Nothing good can come of this. There will be no mass awakening in the wake of a media campaign based on deception, as several prominent youtubers hope. The incidents are fraudulent. The coverage is fraudulent. Anything emerging from this combination of fake reality and fake news is fraudulent.

Several days ago, I posted a comparison of the baseball shooter with Sobchek in The Big Lebowski. It was one of those posts that took me just a few minutes, as it seemed so obvious. It flowed.

Soon after the posting, I received an email asking if I want to expand this webpage, grow it, take it up into the google rankings, etc… I’ve never received such an email.

Now I think that the operatives interfacing my email, pretending to be a web-based company, could have been the real operatives behind the baseball shooting. Why not? I think they took some delight in my post and were happy that I recognized their work!

But they know that I never tried growing this webpage, which is for messaging certain friends and bearing witness. It is not for a mass audience. Some global heavies read it, and some of the people who keep their eyes on them read it. This page emerged out of a conflict I had in 2009 and another in 2012 (close calls both), heavily documented by me and my family, including a statement signed by my father Amb. Stephen Bosworth.

I rarely think about those events anymore, but I can usually tell who, among the global heavies, reads the page and who does not. So their email to me is like an inside joke I guess, since I’m not pushing the page.

Yes the slip-ups are intentional, as they want a certain number of people to find these Easter eggs.

Why? I cannot be sure how this fits into the larger agenda. But there probably is some vanity attached to it:

“And the Winner of the 2017… Best False-Flag Production…. goes to…”

“Best Special Effects goes to…”

“Best Crisis Actor of 2017 goes to…”

“Best Supporting Crisis Actress of 2017 goes to…”

On the one hand, there are clear political agendas involved in Internet control, and in cracking down on the online truth community.

On the other hand, they like the attention! So there’s that.


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