Central Casting


Something is not quite right with this story. Supposedly, a certain James T. Hodgkinson acted alone.

More relevant to most readers here is that Hodgkinson could very well have been handled the way Sirhan Sirhan was handled to shoot RFK (if that went down as sold), and the way John Warnock Hinckley Jr. was handled to shoot Pres. Reagan.

Why do I say this? Why do I think Hodgkinson was taken to the baseball field, pointed in the direction of the Senators, and taken off the leash?

Because his character has been recycled from Central Casting, specifically from the Big Lebowski’s “Walter Sobchak” character, played so well by John Goodman.


Walter Sobchak and James T. Hodgkinson share somewhat similar facial structures, haircuts, and facial hair. And very similar glasses.

This operation works on the collective subconscious. Walter Sobchak has become an archetype.

So now Hodgkinson, stuck in the 1970s or early 1980s, mostly likely an analog guy at 66, is particularly “active on social media.” Hodgkinson had “penned a rant!” Never mind that rant penners, pamphleteers, launched the American Revolution, Hodgkinson is now a suspicious character…

That this talking point – “active on social media” –  was so quickly rolled out, across the global television complex, suggests that it was prepared beforehand. Now we are supposed to think that mainstream media is safe and credible, and that social media is a menace.


Also interesting is that media is reporting that Hodgkinson had both a pistol and a rifle, thereby covering both categories of weapons for any upcoming gun control legislation in Congress.

Finally, the mainstream media story is certainly coded and loaded. His age was 66 (interesting number) and we can extract, from his last name, “Bell” and “Bee.” Also, the first reports of an active shooter was called in at around 7:10 a.m. There’s your “7.”

BBC provides a nice 7-11 code, or multiplied for a 77: “Alexandria police said the FBI was taking over the investigation into the shooting, which began shortly after 07:00 (11:00 GMT)”

If I had to bet my life… I would say that this Hodgkinson was a mind-washed, mind-bended, and mind-fucked guy who ended up as raw material in the operations department of the usual suspects.

That’s all folks.



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