The Pretzel of Public Opinion

The Pretzel of Public Opinion (PPO, reversing OPP) is being bent, and coming full circle. Yet again.

This time, Central Casting is re-casting Jeff Sessions for his new session.

Back in the day, Sessions would have been cast into “Dr. Strangelove” or “Atomic Cafe” as the good-old-boy with a strong southern accent that emerges after a few beers, when for example he is railing against the communists who sap our precious bodily fluids.

Sessions would have been cast as a True Believer, who, even after a decade of the Vietnam War, would still be imploring Congress: “Please give us another 10,000 troops. The boys will be home by Christmas.” That kind of thing.

There are still shades of that former character present today.

As an opiate epidemic sweeps the nation, thanks to Big Pharma’s prescription painkillers, Sessions wants to crack down, instead, on marijuana, which is nothing more and nothing less than young man’s foolishness, and which requires only social admonishment because it makes people lazy. (Weed should not be illegal; it should be frowned upon).

Despite this anachronism, Central Casting went ahead with its re-casting. This time, the Jeff Sessions that is being rolled out is a man on the other side of the McCarthy divide, who is supposed to squirm in his seat when asked: “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of a…. Ruskie operation!”

Imagine that, a backwoods Alabaman is now being sold in the mainstream media as a commie bastard – or a potential commie bastard, to be more specific. Forget that the USSR is now the Federated Republic or whatever: once a communist always a communist. Ruskies are Ruskies.

The drama being played out is similar to the high-profile spy trials, and even to the Nazi trials, of yesteryear. Those scripts have been dusted off, and the tables and chairs on the stage have been re-arranged.

One of the reasons Sessions is being placed into this role, shoved out onto the stage, is precisely because he is so unlikely. Again, those who thought up this theatrical production (with only one foot in the bowels of Langley, the rest is off grid), are running multiple psychological operations at once.

Just one of their goals is to take American public opinion and bend it like a pretzel. The American mind: to fuck with it, or not to fuck with it – that is the question.

A new generation is being initiated into the spectacle of political ritual, with history having repeated itself first as tragedy and then as farce.

But it was always a farce. So now what is it? A copy of a copy, a parody of a farce, and we can add our own laugh track.

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