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The video on round earth symbolism in Chinese media is moving along. Progress.

So I’m beginning to think about the next topic, for the following video. With more than 100 Mandela Effects visible in the US, are there any in China? Have any brand names of iconic Chinese products undergone an unexplained change? I’ve put the word out. I’m going to find out.

Also, I think a graduate student has correctly identified Shangri-la, not in Tibet but in Sichuan Province, which is what Chengdu belongs to (my current home town). China has its own version of Bigfoot as well, people called the “wild men.”

It is also a bit odd that China seems to be all on board certain globalist plans – like the single world currency – but is not enthusiastic about GMO foods. Also, I have only seen one chemtrail my entire time here. And it might have been a normal contrail, not sure. Why is the sky not being criss-crossed with endless chemtrails the way it is in Europe and the US?

I might as well look into these things while I am here, and in time I hope to share my findings.

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