Fargo 2: A Minor Detail


Fargo 2 was set in the late 1970s in the Midwest. I was a teenager then and often visited my grandparents in Grand Rapids, Michigan, not far. And so the look and feel of Fargo 2 was extremely accurate. The blenders, the clocks, the typewriters, the cars… My maternal grandparents drove those huge Lincolns and LTDs… I got hot-tubbed time machined back to 1979.

However, one moment rang false. A reference was made to aerosol cans, linking the spray to global warming. Maybe that part of the script was written by some Gen Xer or even a Millennial. No, back in the day, the aerosol can was linked to an expanding ozone hole. Whatever happened to this rapidly expanding ozone hole anyway?

In any case, the ozone problem was linked to solar radiation and skin cancer, not to global warming. In fact, there were two prevailing models of climate change back then, and they both had to do with global COOLING.


The first model was the flip side of the present global warming model: that the world was getting iced, with the usual meteorological and university organizations confirming this. An urgent problem they said! Something must be done, they said!

The second cooling model was the idea of a “nuclear winter” brought about by a war in which the blast material would reach the upper atmosphere and prevent normal sunlight.


As stated previously on this page, the only real environmental problem is old timey pollution, and if society really wanted to address that, then it would evolve beyond corn agriculture for feed lots.

As for global cooling and global warming, these are, or were, both hoaxes. In fact, I am convinced that the controllers who rolled out the global cooling hoax knew full well that, within a generation, they would bend public opinion like a pretzel, getting people to believe in the new opposite.

Human minds are only malleable if they are repeatedly made to be such. The masses must be moved, or exercised, into a state of collective stupidity. Repeatedly. Hence global cooling, followed by its opposite, global warming, which now comes with an Enron-conceived tax scheme. This boondoggle is not the ultimate goal, however, just an added benefit: the goal is simply mass deception. The Lie.

No doubt, within a decade we will be sold the idea that the world is cooling again, after all.

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