Fargo 2: Coded and Loaded

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The number 33

Fargo 2, written by Noah Hawley and with Joel and Ethan Coen as executive producers, is am amazingly interesting, fast-paced and entertaining series. I watched 7 episodes in one day, incapable of turning my attention away from this story.

However, the series is super-saturated with all kinds of occult numbers and symbols, and this is mildly infuriating because this is an agenda based on deception and mockery.

Hollywood propaganda explains all this away as “fan-friendly Easter eggs,” but the codes and symbols are more in line with Masonic, Illuminati and Zionist models of human pyramids.

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Fargo 2 characters repeatedly drink milk and half-and-half (a corrupted version of milk), as part of the ritualistic animalization of man.

Of course, we have seen (maybe not always noticed) many examples of cinematic lactation, quite famously in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockword Orange.

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Interestingly, “milk” was originally a part of something nicer, of the “land of milk and honey,” but in Hollywood milk becomes an inverted symbol, often paired with blood and violence, as with Westworld, below.


And regarding the Coen brothers, we see Half-and-Half in The Big Lebowski, as a prelude to his victimization. The Dude’s White Russians re-appear in Fargo 1.

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Personally, I would rather that television shows and movies just stick to the story. Now that I am more aware of all this subliminal messaging, which is not so subliminal, I’d rather not be distracted from the plot. I resent the numerology. I resent the Illuminati symbolism.

Apparently, to be a successful director in Hollywood requires talent (usually), but it almost always involves being a bootlicking minion.

It involves being willing to subvert one’s own plot by inserting, into an otherwise perfectly good story, all kinds of anti-human alchemy.

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