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Most of the narration for the round earth/flat earth images in China is now recorded. I used the “Audacity” software for this because it is so crystal clear. Daisy’s comments feature prominently, helping me analyze Chinese media.

We will do one more segment next week, and I will finish my first video at the end of next weekend. It will be about 15 minutes long. I will simply add this audio file to another program for screencapture, etc…, with an introduction on the webcam.

I will open a new youtube channel for these videos, which realistically will only be made once a month, on the topics of the debate over the earth’s shape, the Mandela effect, hoaxes, and the political circus. I will place that link on this page when the time comes.

Simultaneously, I will use my existing two youtube channels (which used to have study abroad material) and produce a new string of videos that have nothing to do with this webpage or the stuff above.

One channel (with Facebook and a webpage) will help Americans and Canadians retire overseas, mostly to Latin America and Southeast Asia, which will be a business revolving around tours, immigration services, real estate, the works.

The other channelĀ (with Facebook and a webpage) will be about fitness, weight loss, and food, mostly for middle aged people. I will probably link these here periodically, although people reading this here might not be interested in either of those topics.

In 2018, I plan to alternate between working the retirement tours and with fitness clients. I want to use the Group Fitness Certificate I got. China features in the plan only in the Summer session. I want a more flexible schedule to see my kids more. Plus I need to make more money, so the best plan revolves around retirement services.

So do I rent a new place somewhere affordable? Peru, Mexico or the Philippines? Or do I live out of a backpack again, make some kind of epic trek? I’m torn between finding a new routine and living on the road.

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