What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?


I’ve been thinking about the Gregorian Calendar and how that might fit into the numerology of Unified Code Theory, and how that might fit with CRM 114. I have no definitive answers but there must be a connection.

CRM 114 appears repeatedly in Stanley Kubrick movies and across popular media, originally appearing in Dr. Strangelove as the receiver in the B-52 bombers that could receive recall codes for a nuclear attack. Since then, CRM 114 usually factors into the idea of deception, illusion, and fear.

Lots of youtubers have done interesting work on CRM 114, including Polarization Nation Media, although I differ a bit with that channel, in that I see a more malicious, anti-human agenda behind the unified code.

In any case, to the entire investigation I can only add one new thing with some certainty: CRM – “Cargo Radio Maintenance” – represents us humans. We are the cargo.

Here, the number 114 is linked to John 1:14: “The Word became flesh…”

There are vibrations, frequencies or harmonics attached to the word becoming flesh, and to matter becoming mind, as suggested by the culminating sound of the monolith in the caveman scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

What is being announced to us when the controllers drop “CRM 114” into media? That they either already have the access code – the circuit breaker – for this frequency, or they are seeking it.

The CRM 114 switch is not found in CERN. I’m convinced that CERN is an elaborate hoax on par with Apollo 11. CERN is a theatrical set, and indeed the only real thing produced there (apart from sketchy, fake science) is drama – as witnessed by their recent off-Broadway production.

If the controllers already have the CRM 114 switch, I suspect that this is a metaphor, and that non-human artificial intelligence has the capacity for a telepathic key turn.

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