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Prague Clock: Notice the upside-down map of the flat earth…

It is clear that all kinds of media – including popular media and news – is coded and loaded with occult symbols and numbers (7, 9, 11, 13, 21, 22, 666, 777, etc…).

There are about half a dozen youtubers who are particularly adept at decoding the numerology in the media. If the controllers or puppet masters had business cards, it would be the numbers they leave behind at their crime scenes.

There are two interesting possibilities for the controllers’ fascination with these numbers. First, on one level, their obsession can be interpreted as just that, an obsession. I think there is an element of truth to this.

These controllers, who fancy themselves intermediaries between this world and others, form a kind of circle jerk, getting off on anything that diminishes humankind. Their use of numbers is like a bunch of voodoo pins, each one a curse.

Second, on another level, I’m beginning to think that with the deployment of these numbers, the controllers are attempting to write over the computer code that runs in the background of our world – that runs our world, to be more accurate.

There is an attempt here to reprogram the Matrix, and to nudge or somehow propel the timeline into a direction favoring non-human and anti-human intelligence.

But consider the calendar that we use, and the controllers’ careful adherence to its numerical logic… Why 9-11, September 11, after all? It seems so random.

Unless it’s not – unless our current calendar was calibrated precisely for our latest version of the Matrix, the Aztec Fifth World: Grand Theft World 5, if you will.

I’m beginning to toy with the idea that the Gregorian Calendar, named after Pope Gregory XIII, and which launched in 1582, is paired with some kind of digital reboot, some kind of mathematical adjustment to a larger and longer timeline. Of course, the announced motivation for Gregory’s calendar had to do with adjusting the celebration of Easter. There had to me more at stake…

The year 1582 is a curious one, not long after the conquests of Mexico and Peru, when, for a bunch of gods, it was out with the old and in with the new.

Also, I’m beginning to toy with the idea that the “Middle Ages” did not really happen. And so a system reboot – or launch – in 1582 would be about right…

I know ancient Rome happened, because my friends and I used to break into the closed hills of the Forum when I went to high school there, you know, to smoke weed and be with our girlfriends. The important thing is that the ruins felt 2,000 years old.

However, between the Fall of Rome and the Plague of the 14th Century (if that even happened) we basically have 1,000 years of very little happening… Very little indeed.

The other marker I have are the early modern Spanish churches in Mexico, some of which are just ruins now, and their being 500 years old seemed right to me. So my personal gap in time is 1,000 years – unless I want to believe the same academic departments and armchair historians who lie about everything else.

I cannot put my finger on it exactly. Something does not quite feel right. Maybe some files got deleted. Maybe some files got hacked into and written over.

In conclusion, the controllers’ obsessive-compulsive behavior, their complete fixation with numbers, is only explainable if the calendar is a computer program or a software code. But they cannot let it run, unimpeded, and they must intervene with spellcraft, hoaxcraft, and false flags.

What does that make them, the controllers? Malware.

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