Playing Both Sides

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Unicorn on the Emblem: Live from Fantasyland

Like the US, the UK likes to play both sides of the game they call the “war on terror.”

The UK sponsored radical terror groups in Syria and Libya, including Al Qaeda and ISIS. Of course while some of their members are True Believers, top management works for MI6, the CIA (an offshoot of it), and Mossad.

So they pump up both real and fake terrorism, and employ vast legions of cyber-warriors, agents and trolls to get on line and spread this Islamic propaganda even further – testing, poking, prodding, hoping for entrapment here and there, and generally just fucking with people’s minds.

If the British PM really wants to reduce online spaces for radical propaganda, well, she’d better have a jobs program lined up for her own employees, although most of the double dealing comes from the other side of the pond. Maybe some agents will shift to the corporate sector, to combat their own agitprop and that of their former colleagues who were not pink slipped. Spy verus Spy.

The outsourcing of censorship is a possibility:

“We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed, yet that is precisely what the internet, and the big companies that provide internet-based services provide.”

This appears to be a case of the powers that be in Britain sponsoring both real and fake terrorism, and then insisting on coming to the rescue with an even stronger Orwellian surveillance state: create the problem and then offer the solution.

There are no governments in opposition to any of this double dealing. There are no NGOs in opposition, and no social movements or parties of any consequence.

The only real, legitimate dissent is found at the individual level, where a significant number of people understand who the criminals really are.

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