The K-Krap Wave


I read an interesting article recently – an academic paper – on how Korea, Japan and now China are using “soft power” to make some foreign policy gains in East Asia. This soft power includes the use of popular bands, often with “boy bands” or “girl bands,” etc… China even has a boy band that is actually all girls. Another gimmick. More on that in the future.

In a better world, these three countries would dispense with the pop-music nonsense and cultivate their own traditions, and focus more on the martial arts, etc…

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not against “cultural appropriation” at all. People have a right to eat whatever food, wear whatever they want, listen to whatever music they want, etc…

I just think that the “Korean wave,” for example, based on K-Pop music, is utter crap. This is really more of a marketing venture than anything else, with packaged, formulaic music.The very inception of these cookie-cutter bands, of each and every one of these bands, happens around a conference table.

Basically, these three countries have taken the worst aspects of western popular music and made them even worse.

Furthermore, we all know that sometimes certain Hollywood or Illuminati “cults” get behind certain bands, adorning them with all kinds of Masonic imagery, occult messages, and so on, turning the artists into grotesque billboards for their twisted agenda.

Well, with East Asia pop music this happens to an even greater degree – if that is even possible. These bands are just one ongoing psychological operation: a complete mind fuck.

Again, people can appropriate western music all they want (and distort it).

But the record should be set straight. Real rock and roll, and even real pop music, is western. More specifically, it is really only visible in the class, racial and social context of the US and the UK. This kind of music is geographically specific.

To some extent, the vibe is also visible in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. That’s it. As for Spanish rock bands – or Turkish or Mexican or Russian – there is no such thing. Even bands from Germany and Scandinavia are imitative. Consider Abba, for example, with catchy pop music to be sure. But Abba was a reflection of trans-Atlantic pop music that bordered on parody.

Some journalist recently wrote that readers should stop judging K-pop and J-pop through the lens of their western perspective. And give these bands a break. Why? These bands are having a go at western music. And doing a shit job of it.

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