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I landed in Chengdu 12 hours ago, but thought to post these snapshots of the information desk at Vancouver Airport. Actually, there are several of these desks, at least three, and each one of them has a globe – that spins! – on prominent display.

How is this not pure conditioning? How is this useful?

It’s as if a passenger might ask, “Gosh, I’m lost. Where are we on this globe?”

It’s as if the Information guy (who strangely greets with “Hello-Bonjour”) might say, “Well, we are here. If you want to get there, then please consider flying this other way.”

It’s as if people show up at the airport with no firm idea of their destination, “Hmm, I was thinking of going to Lima, Peru, but after consulting this globe…”

And for those travellers wishing to calculate their carbon footprints or factor in the expected amount of jet lag, the globe provides the “Direction of the Earth’s Rotation.” How handy.

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