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This posting both supports and critiques the approach to decoding media as presented by Polarization Nation Media.

On the plus side, this channel provides searing insight into the supersaturation of popular media with hidden messages, numbers, memes and anagrams. The work on Back to the Future and The Big Lebowski went farther down the rabbit hole than other channels have with these movies.

In addition, the analysis of the “CRM 114” meme, which appears in virtually every Stanley Kubrick movie and many other movies, is profound.

And it’s quite interesting that the narrator has identified a certain recycling, of elements in his life, into some Hollywood movies, etc… maybe the producers behind the producers are trying to get his attention.

(I once thought it very odd that the first place I went to in Buenos Aires – an out of the way sidewalk cafe in an out-of the way area – featured as the first image of Argentina in Dexter. And I thought it was odd that I could list about twenty other examples of similar coincidences – such as recyling the names of my friends, girlfriends, etc… Coincidences).

The channel makes a strong case for Unified Code Theory, and for many of these repeating forms as “emanations from a source code.”

My criticism of the channel is that it gets caught up in seeing these numbers as a symphony, and in seeing majesty when there is, in fact, monstrosity. Many of the coded events – 911 for example – are not legitimate events and the product of deeply nefarious agendas. The original basis – the original source code – is some kind of wicked hack, and the channel loses sight of this.┬áThe source code is, upon closer inspection, malware.

In a roundabout way, by being mesmerized by the numbers, this channel lends too much dignity and respect to the producers behind the producers, to the Hollywood directors in on the game (not all are privy), who have taken vows to lie every step of the way. These are people with brains, to be sure, but with no integrity, no virtue, and no courage.

Also – and this comes through in other Polarization Nation Media videos – ┬áthere is an acceptance of all this, when there should be resistance. There is even acceptance of a kind of cataclysm of some kind (for some this would be a crack in the firmament, or a flood, or the collapse of the entire simulacrum). Mass extinction. Dead in the Water.

In some videos, there seems to be a yearning for ending of the Illusion, and for returning to Source. I see this as promoting a kind of collective thanatos, or deathwish. If the architects of the Georgia Guidestones were to produce ideology – to encourage the culling of billions – well, this is what it might look like: Let’s all return to Source. This fits the Christian-Zionist agenda in which the salvation, of a select few, is predicated upon an apocalypse for most.

I would counter that the real task at hand is to deconstruct media with the aim… not of accepting a catastrophic agenda… but rather of resisting it.

Our 3-D world is not a curse, and it needs restoration and enhancement, not vandalism. Perhaps it can be a 4D or 5D world. I suppose religious people would say we need to work for Heaven on Earth.

The video below, quite fascinating, but also one with which I have some reservations, is about 90 minutes long. It is worth having a look.

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