Phantom Ransomware


I am thoroughly convinced that the Ransomware story, as covered in the mainstream and alternative media, is a complete and utter fabrication from A to Z. 100%.

Consider this: There is no such thing, anymore, as anonymous banking. It is completely impossible for someone to extract funds from someone else (with a credit or debit number for example) and remain off grid.

Several years ago, I left a back door of my car unlocked in a Motel 6. Some dude rummaged through my car, found a blank check from my checkbook, and managed to secure a 700 dollar PayDay loan (another scam altogether).┬áIt took Chase Bank all of 30 minutes to track this guy down. And the 19-year-old know-nothing at Customer Service even slipped up and gave me the dude’s name. It took Chase only a few hours to return the money to my account.

It is not possible, in our world, to coerce money from people and divert it into an account without being traced. Authorities can track every single financial transaction in the world, even to Switzerland, Panama, etc… That they do not always do so speaks to the insignificance of the sums involved, or to occassional collusion with money laundering.

It’s not even possible to withdraw money from an ATM without being videotaped.

In this case, the alleged architects of this alleged cyber-attack, The Shadow Brokers, would not be able to collect money from people in dozens of countries – much less in one country! – and not get busted. Very quickly.

I’m calling bullshit on every single aspect of this story. I’m calling bullshit on mainstream and alternative fearporn. What else are they lying about?

I’m also calling bullshit on efforts to decode, with numerology or anagrams, anything to do with this hoax, because this lends too much dignity to the original bullshit artists. It’s kind of honoring the hoax – unless, of course, the only conclusion reached is that this event is 100% bullshit.

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