Very Strange

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Western mainstream media makes it seem like the malware infection really did a number on China.

And yet on Monday (in China) the major news sites have not reported on it. Not at all. Plus, I work with universities here, so I think I would have heard… Nothing on social media here, either.

I believe that certain western media outlets practice, or exercise, their capacity to deceive the public.

Here are screenshots of China’s major news websites. No mention whatsoever of this alleged cyber-attack.

Nor is there any mention of the Clark Kent who pulled the malware down into a sinkhole.

The screenshots include People’s Daily, CGTN, and, crucially, Xinhua net.

Xinhua net is vital because mainstream media in the US, including Drudgereport and Yahoo, have linked to or cited reports (western reports) that Xinhua is making a huge deal out of this. Not.

The malware story does not appear anywhere on the Xinhua page that I can find (screenshots below). WeChat Image_20170515143054 WeChat Image_20170515143059 WeChat Image_20170515143418 WeChat Image_20170515143423


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