The Clark Kent Idea


I woke up this morning to more bullshit.

But before I begin, it was certainly odd that the mainstream media platforms changed “99” countries affected to “nearly 100” and “almost 100.”

Also, these global media platforms – western platforms – used this event’s second day of news cycle to wildly exaggerate the malware’s effect on China, reporting that the virus disturbed all kinds of Chinese networks. Bullshit.

I checked two Chinese webpages this morning. Nothing whatsoever. Nothing in Chinese social media, WeChat, either. None of my Chinese friends know about this, either. It’s all mainstream media bullshit.

Then I read a long CNN article about how some Joe Shmoe “hero” named Malware Tech inadvertently saved the day by buying a domain name and, as other news sites reported, pulling most of the vicious malware down a “sinkhole.” A sinkhole!

Clark Kent is a fictional charaacter invented in 1938, a regular guy who transforms himself into Superman. This is the Clark Kent idea: An ordinary everyman comes to the rescue and saves the day.

In this case, Malware Tech was 22 years old (repeating numbers for duality) and spent, according to some sites, 11 dollars (again repeating numbers, and “11” has some ominous meaning besides), and according to other sites, he spent 10.69 (69, for mirroring).

Zerohedge fearporn: “As such, it is only a matter of time now before an even greater, more destructive cyberattack is unleashed on the world.”

Infowars, of course, played into the false narrative. I found myself going for a week without having checked that webpage because it’s so predictable. But I should check it more often, to know about updates to controlled opposition talking points.

Now, get this: the Malware Tech Superman – who was not smart enough to know that he was saving the day – is now being quoted by the BCC as predicting a major cyber-attack: “quite likely on Monday”.

Of course, this nameless Clark Kent does not exist in the real world, although by tomorrow they might be able to prep some crisis actor and his understudy. Malware Tech, the cartoon character, provides a vehicle for an in-your-face warning (and your silence is your consent).

At some point, the usual suspects would like to crash the financial system, and the Internet system, and reboot with a much more controlled Internet (and have people clamoring and begging them to do so).

If the past is any guide, Russia will participate in this false-flag operation, and China will sit on its hands, spectating.

At least we know that the real perpetrators – the forces behing “The Shadow Brokers,” and the forces behind this entire media narrative (a DC Comics franchisse) – know that there are plenty of individuals who see through their bullshit, and see them for the sniveling, snickering parasites that they truly are.




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