I love the smell of bullshit in the morning. That is when first check a range of news pages to see what is being pushed in the news cycle while I’m sleeping. I’m not really late… because the American “today” is my “yesterday” since Asia is a day ahead of time.

I can’t say I actually love the smell of bullshit. I just like the familiarity of it.

I hope some of the hoax busters out there will analyze the numerology of this all, including the “99” countries affected, and the anagrams in the name of the malware “WannaCry.” It is important to remember though, that behind the cleverness of the hoax, there is nothing more than malevolence. The authors of these hoaxes are not doing anything for the benefit of humanity: there is no culminating, glorious conclusion to their road of deceit.

BBC news, as mainstream outlets do, managed to announce the real authorship of this alleged attack in a disguised way: “A massive cyber-attack using tools believed to have been stolen from the US National Security Agency (NSA) has struck organisations around the world.” So the first line of the story places this virus on the doorstep of the NSA: “believed to have been stolen” (but was not).

BBC news featured a video of a man – a crisis actor – claiming that his heart surgery had to be cancelled. His facial gestures revealed effort to stick to his lines. He explained that he had been prepped for surgery, and even all the hair on his chest and arms had been shaved (although he never pulled up his shirt to demonstrate) – and yet there he was, sporting a full beard. If his arms were going to be shaved for surgery, why not his beard?

He was not frustrated at all, just thrilled to be on camera.

And the specific reason he gave for the cancelled surgery is that the wi-fi had something to do with the allocation of emergency, back up blood bags for surgery – which are all clearly labelled by blood type.

Nothing adds up. It is not meant to. The usual psychopaths behind these hoaxes, while simply mocking those that cannot see into them, are also saying “watch us get away with it again,” to those who do.¬†Everything they say is a lie. Everything they do is trickery. Nothing can be trusted.

So a rogue group parallel to the NSA, CIA, MI6, but of course ultimately unaccountable (and self-funded) initiated highly focused and selective cyber-attacks on a few targets, then wildly exaggerated the event.

This is just another problem – solution sequence, with this one designed to take the national issue of cybersecurity and make it a global issue. Some of the attacks were in Russia, which has been party to plenty of false-flag events and hoaxing in recent years.

China rarely participates in thes hoaxes (allowing just one bank to report a glitch) – but China never, ever calls out these hoaxes, never raises questions regarding the authenticity of these clearly staged events.

Now we get to witness the introduction of another DC Comics character, or is it by Marvel Comics? The evil group that stole this code from the NSA and then presumably used it for their dastardly plot. Get this, the name of this group is “The Shadow Brokers.” Jesus.

The video of the crisis actor pretending to be frustrated is found on this link:


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