Rival Meltdowns


Venezuela and Puerto Rico… The Battle of the Meltdowns…

As most people know, Venezuela is starting to unravel. Food shortages. Economic mismanagement, along with being ruthlessly targeted – both claims appear to be true.

Venezuela does not seem likely to pull out of this crisis, which is partly due to replacing the hegemony of finance capital with the hegemony of bureaucratic socialism.

I am not a fan of either ism and prefer ongoing complexification, but I find it odd that the American media (mostly the Alt-Right) rushes to condemn Latin American socialism when it is working quite well in Bolivia, better than anything else has ever worked in Bolivia thus far.

And while “statism” is not my cup of tea, “socialism” in Scandinavia is still outperforming the US in every conceivable index and indicator of human progress. Yeah, “We’re Number 23!” Let’s all shout that.

Nevertheless, the Venezuelan government has clearly contributed to making a mess of things, and to dividing the country along lines so sharply that this can only end… very badly…

Meantime, the financial collapse of Puerto Rico is not supposed to reflect upon the American economic and political system. In fact, as some analysts have pointed out, Puerto Rico’s bankrupcy was more significant than that of Greece and yet did not effect the stock market. Why should it? In a rigged system? What affects the stock market is what is allowed to affect it. Artificial Intelligence cash injections forever!┬áThe big banks are already lining up for their bailout. The Puerto Rican caper.

So, Venezuela will go out with a Bang, and Puerto Rico will go out with a Whimper.

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