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This is your brain on Christianity

If there is such a thing as a “truth community” it is sharply divided between those who are mainline Christians and those who are not, with the latter group including a wide spectrum of people.

In previous posts I detailed specific critiques of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, so here I only advance new points in response to recent Christian arguments.

Christianity is “controlled opposition” to an Orwellian New World Order because it posits this order as being inevitable and, moreover, as a necessary precondition for eventual salvation.

Interestingly, there is not sufficient “free will” in this world to reverse the so-called New World Order, or to produce a any different kind of order. Human destiny is all scripted out, predetermined. It’s all right there in the Book of Revelation. Nothing can be changed. And yet, supposedly, as pawns, we still have free will.

Christianity diverts attention from looking inward for deeper knowledge of the divine spark. Hero-worshipping Christians require an external savior, and they insist that this is the only path. Assuming Jesus Christ was a historical figure, would this really have been his desire? The outsourcing of salvation to a monopoly?

Christians often accuse anyone following an independent path of blasphemy, of wanting to become god, or to replace god, instead of recognizing that the motivation is simply to become re-united with a divine force.

As I’ve said before, Christians are the ones attempting to become godlike with their determinations of who is saved and who is damned. But whenever Christians earmark any person, or any category of people, as going to Hell (usually people they do not know personally), they are actually transforming themselves into demonic entities. They become walking and talking curses.

Christianity distracts people from humanity’s inherent interconnectedness, from a layer that exists (among other layers) of a collective consciousness and human soul.

Lately, Christians take to slandering freethinkers as “Gnostics,” forgetting that independent people avoid isms, ologies, and labels.

I know next to nothing about Gnosticism, other than its focus on inward perception as a path to knowledge, and that part seems reasonable enough.

If the Christian charge is true, and if Gnosticism really idolizes androgyny and transgenderism, then gnosticism would be falling into the material trap of technological transhumanism (as opposed to natural transhumanism).

If the odd person here or there feels trapped in the wrong gender then they should not be discouraged – or encouraged – to transform. It’s no big deal. So one in a million.

In the real world, Gnostics are not behind the Hollywood agenda of widespread transgendering. That agenda – a fetish, really – is more accurately described as Masonic or Illuminati or Zionist, with Christians as fake, controlled opposition.

The stronger critique of Hollywood’s transgendering agenda (of deception) comes from a non-Christian perspective, as one can be more certain that such presenters are not shills. Also, as I’ve argued previously, mainline Christianity is anti-human, so there’s that.

Christians are exposed as small-minded yahoos when they support, for example, the supposed “religious freedom” of a government bureaucrat to deny a same-sex marriage license to a gay couple.

I remember Christians applauding when the bureaucrat’s husband showed up in support, at a press conference, with his hat and overalls. The event seemed a bit staged now that I reflect back on it. Ma and Pa Kettle.

Those hucklefucks remind me of the Muslim taxi drivers in the US and the UK, who refuse to give rides to blind people with seeing-eye dogs, because the dogs are supposedly unclean.

What is unclean is this: a belief system that denies disabled people the right to use a taxi. This denial should be a federal offense, and if these Muslim taxi drivers are operating under just a residency permit, they should be deported.

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That’s all you really need to know about Islam, right there.

This is one nice thing about living in China, actually. China has a zero-tolerance policy for the religious infection of civic space. Churches, mosques and temples are open and people go to them freely if they choose to do so. But there is a prohibition on outward religious politicization – on the spread of this contagion.

Additionally, it is interesting that Christian “truthers” never criticize the Israel’s apartheid or AIPAC, a Jewish ethnic mafia that has distorted American foreign policy for decades. I guess these absurdities and injustices are just part of “God’s Plan.”

It is revealing that Trump’s very first foreign policy tour will take him to Israel where, on bended knee, he is to curry favor with his masters. Perhaps he should take with him a sack filled with foreskins.

WeChat Image_20170507171335

That’s all you really need to know about Judaism, right there.

I’ve sensed some feedback between my website and Christian-Zionist youtubers, and of course I could not disagree with this crowd more.

Their religious approach is of, by, and for the Matrix. It insists upon human subservience and slavery. It is opposed to freethinking and human emancipation.

In the main, such youtubers and bloggers are attempting to hijack the truth movement, steering people into an off-ramp, and directing them back to the factory farm.

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