West is the New Flat


I saw the first episode of Westworld last night. It’s a handy thing, to have friends who are Chinese graduate students. They can find anything and everything online, for free.

Fascinating show. I remember seeing the 1973 movie in theatres, about a western theme park with robots. It might have been R rated. It was kind of sexy.

Consider Gleason’s 1892 map of the world “As It Is.”

The color scheme and layout is similar to the control room in Westworld. There is even a white ice wall and a red outer rim. The design requires, of course, a dome. And constant monitoring.

control room delos mesa hub westworld

In many ways, the android “hosts” are metaphors for earthly humans: they occupy the lowest position in the hierarchy of this world, and can be randomly killed, fucked, or both.

These creatures are asleep but steadily acquire consciousness.

There is a kind of “god,” with a traditional timepiece in his vest, who reinforces the explotation of this world. The world is ultimately digital, capable of keystroke reconfiguration: a Matrix.

The show raises all kinds of questions regarding consciousness, artificial intelligence, and the “bicameral mind.”

I’m sure there is a lot more interesting stuff embedded into this show, which is supersaturated with messages – coded and loaded, as it were. I will periodically weigh in on my thoughts.









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