The Population Hoax?


Something just does not feel right about the “official” statistics, handed down by the usual authorities, regarding the populations of nations and the world.

Considering that virtually everything is a lie… would not this be as well? Why should we believe the figures? Those that own and control this world appear to live by a code: never tell the truth.

I became suspicious, I think, riding a motorcycle through Central American countries, from one end to the other, and one gets a pretty good feel for the lay of the land and the population density. Reality did not match the statistics.

I know California well also. I doubt that the combined “real” population of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco even reaches 10 million. And yet California is supposed to have 40 million people? I’m not buying it.

I wonder if the figures are being systematically inflated by, say, 33% or in some cases even 66%, or by some other magic number.

I aim to look into this a bit more in the coming months. This might be a topic for a new youtube video series I am gearing up to do, by the end of May. I need to get it organized.




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