Deleted Knowledge


I was reflecting on the fact that Christianity destroyed not one but at least two bodies of knowledge regarding how this world works.

Round 1: The Catholic Church launched the Inquisition with the Burning Times. Heretics of all sorts were burned at the stake. Catholic priests also burned ancient Gnostic texts, purging Christianity of the more profound truths, and turning it into a religion that “binds” minds, bodies and perhaps even souls.

Round 2: The Augustinians, Franciscans, Jesuits and others showed up in the New World – uninvited I might add – and proceeded to torch all kinds of Mayan and Aztec scrolls, particularly those about astronomy. They went on a book-burning frenzy.

Of course, the Church in Mexico also torched heretics and dissidents, thereby replacing an Aztec pyrotechnic cult of human sacrifice with a Spanish one. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


Above: The crack in the firmament and the pouring forth of the waters above. This image in the Dresden Codex survived the bonfires of the Catholics.

Arguably, New World and specifically Mesoamerican civilizations preserved more shards of Atlantean and Lemurian knowledge than did civilizations in the Old World.

One wonders what else from the Age of the Fourth Sun was put to the torch (assuming we are now in the Age of the Fifth Sun). And one wonders what, exactly, happened to the previous Suns? Who replaced the bulb?

What Gnostic and Aztec information went up in smoke? I want to know.

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