I’m Rethinking


Maybe the delicate “snowflake” generation is right. Maybe they should be coddled, given safe spaces, endless entitlements and free tuition – with a free study abroad program thrown in for good measure.

After all, the political, corporate and banking elite receive much, much more. The 2008 bailout was far larger than the money it would take to pay off student loans. Corporate welfare is endless.

In fact, the entire US agricultural system is held up by taxpayers (in theory, but in reality the government just keeps charging it). The system is reinforced by police state goon squads, creating a safe space for elites. The petro-dollar system basically has its own army.

I’m beginning to think the criticism of the snowflake generation is a clever deflection, a distraction from the fact that our society simply accelerates the feedback loop between wealth and power.

This is an interesting article: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-24/baby-boomers-borrowed-100bn-student-loans-their-snowflakes-now-defaults-are-soaring


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