Hope for This Generation

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A former student of mine came back to China on his way to Tibet: Joseph Hope, on the right.

After bashing this current new generation in multiple postings I thought I should say something nice. Regular readers know that I am a bit critical of generation “snowflake” for its intolerance of political dissent, its need for safe zones, and its Orwellian digital dependency.

Joseph finished his BA in a military academy in the US, Norwich, and then got an MA in security studies in Sussex, England. He travelled a lot from there. But he then spent more than a year on the road with just a backpack, staying in hostels, and eating street food. He went to 35 countries – including UK vassal states like Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I need to remind him that those places do not count… They are not real countries.

His trip included visiting the more difficult areas of the West Bank, Tunisia during a curfew period, and so on. The more he sees, the more he wants to see. But he set his eyes on law school either in the US or elsewhere, with a focus on international law.

So he broke the pattern and went on a round-the-realm walkabout.

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