It is a little strange that US officials announced that a Navy armada was steaming towards North Korea, and then a week later the main ship was photographed thousands of miles away, going in the wring direction.

Officials blamed this on “miscommunication” but it seems odd. Would not the ships officers and crew have known that they were the new speartip of operations against North Korea? Of course they would have known.

Maybe this really was miscommunication. If so it is an extreme example. Another plausible explanation is that people in the Pentagon or the Joint Chiefs of Staff did not want to make it so easy for the Trump administration to order a pre-emptive strike on North Korea.

Still another explanation is that this entire episode is just a short ┬áscene in a longer act of theatre. Thus it does not matter where the ship is actually located. It only matters where the public thinks it is. Perception over reality across a news cycle of a few days – then it’s on to the next distraction.

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