Social Media Censorship?


After deep diving into Youtube for about six months as a spectator (because that is where is action is) I have noticed that some channels are being hampered while other channels, with less insight, are being pumped up with views.

It might or not be “Youtube” corporate headquarters doing this. In the bowels of Washington DC, agents are authorized to simple go at it and hack Youtube, Facebook, etc.., as they see fit. They target many channels, and I think they have targeted Jungle Surfer among many others.

Below is an interesting 3 minute by Polarization Nation. I cannot vouch for everything about this channel because I lack the experience. But Polarization Nation presents insightful content with high production value and just released a video woth considering.

If the claims of Polarization Nation are true (and they do have the ring of truth about them) then Youtube and also Facebook, if complicit, are breaking their own terms of agreement.

More to the point, the “controllers” often need reminding that there are rules to this game that they are breaking! Several years ago, one faction won out over another faction: It was agreed to let intellectual dissent and opposition flow forward, unimpeded, because it involved the contest over human destiny (which they see as competition over human “genetics.”)

You “controllers” are hanging on a little too tightly! Follow your own rules!




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