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Would have fooled me!

The above photo is of Zeke Smith from the reality show Survivor. In my previous post I mistakenly called the show Survivalist.

Yeah, I’m living in China and must actively access American media, instead of having it constantly wash o’er me. So I’m kind of out of the loop on some stuff, but I’m not complaining.

As mentioned in a previous posting, Zeke is a female-to-male transgender who was “outed” on the show by a fellow contestant, who claimed that Zeke was being deceitful. Since then the two have reconciled.

Anyways at first glance Zeke looks like he was born a man – with perhaps a few feminine qualities. When can people be “outed” for being transgedered, if at all?

The US Supreme Court has already ruled on an interesting case that is somewhat related (New York Times v. Sullivan, 1964). The case had to do with libel and slander. I’m not saying that being transgendered is necessarily damning, but obviously many people who chose this route want to keep it a secret.

The Supreme Court’s conclusion was that ordinary people can expect more privacy than politicians and celebrities – more than people who are pervasively involved in public affairs.” The burden of proof for defamation actions is higher in the case of a public figure. They must prove that the information was both inaccurate and delivered with actual malice.

I think this is a general rule of thumb. Ordinary people have more privacy rights than public figures in this regard.

It is not unethical to “out” people who acquire political power, or who amass wealth and fame, while hiding behind a false persona. These people are fair game for the proliferating ranks of transvestigators, some of whom are quite sophisticated with their anatomical analysis.

In fact, I think that the “truth movement” in general can benefit from moving in the direction of “all will be revealed,” and from exposing deception. Transvestigations are an important part of the truth movement. There are about a dozen youtubers doing these transvestigations on a regular basis. Maybe more.

I have no idea which elites are transgendered and which ones are not. It is not my place to say, especially since some of the people mentioned read this blog.

I’ve seen many videos, some of them convincing, others less so. According to some, just the odd person here and there in the public eye is transgendered; according to others, virtually all elites and celebrities are born into inter-generational, transgendering cults.

I have no experience in this area and will follow the progress of others, with interest. Fascinating stuff.

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