Our Barnum and Bailey World


I think the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper.


Above: This is pretty much the only semi-convincing image we have of the destruction of 20% of the Syrian Air Force. I’m not even convinced. There seems to be a dust build-up on the inside of the exahust area…

It looks old. Also, considering the scorching temperature of the blast, why is there grass growing just outside the archway, between the wreck and the truck?


Above: We have an even lower-budget sideshow here. I myself could have arranged for this set dressing with a shovel, a blowtorch, and three hours, maybe less.


Above: An rock-bottom high school production: no shovel, no blowtorch, and just a few minutes.

Conclusion 1: The US Air Strike on Syria was a complete hoax. As was the “chemical weapons” attack. (It was not even a rebel attack; there was no attack).

Conclusion 2: The Syrian government, the Russians and the Americans are just bit players – just Barnum and Bailey clowns.

The Russian government is simply part of the game. They are playing their part in a Masonic, prophetic script with one climax being the “Fall of Damascus.”

The Syrian government could have brought an end to this show in 2012 (I know for a fact). And it did not. It has done a terrible – even pathetic – job of representing the so-called “Syrian” side in the media. It does not even try, really, except for the occassional carefully-scripted CNN interview once in a while.

There are some who even say that Pres. Assad and his wife are method-acting characters, and I believe that Dave J and possibly Jungle Surfer have alluded to the depth of this hoax in Syria, with Dave J looking into the characters. This is a strong possibility.

I’m not willing to go so far (yet) as to say that the Syrian roles are being played by Spain’s King Felipe VI and his wife. Felipe VI closely resembles Assad and, with sophisticated make-up, could perhaps pull it off. The two elegant wives are almost identical.


Who is Who?


Again, I am not stating 100% that these couples are in fact one in the same couple.

I am stating that because Syrian, Russia, Iranian, etc… “opposition” to western intervention in Syria has been so pathetic that, as our own warmongers like to say: “All Options Are On the Table.”

It is more certain that the chemical weapons attacks and the US air strikes are complete fabrications. It is theatre.

So, what other world conflicts are simply Barnum and Bailey sideshows?

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