The Motive for Chemtrails


People who have never researched this topic often mistake contrails for chemtrails. Contrails are left behind when a regular passenger plane passes overhead, and its stream of vapor disappears quite rapidly. In fact, planes can often be seen leaving no trail behind them whatsoever.

Chemtrails, in contrast, happen with deliberate dumping of aluminum and barium. These are often distributed into the atmosphere in the early morning hours before the Sun appears. Sometimes the patterns is quite obviously not part of any normal passenger route. Often, criss-cross and checkerboard patterns emerge in the sky, and their particles take hours to descend.

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If you think chemtrails are normal, and have always been part of the sky since the dawn of mass aviation, please stop reading this article. Really.


The most common theory regarding chemstrails is that retired passenger planes are retrofitted and deployed accordingly. Some of the pilots think they are on a mission to fertilize the planet or stop global warming, it seems.


Dimming is the intended effect,  but it has nothing to do with global warming. Instead,  I am now convinced that human consciousness – and that of higher-order animals – ultimately derives from the Sun.

This idea would reject the concept of a purely biological, material “brain” (which of course we have) and include, as well, the concept of “mind” or “consciousness” as being external. In this sense our minds would be like radio receivers.

Before you think this is a crazy idea, consider that all higher-order animals – with few variations for different species and individuals – lose their consciousness several hours after the Sun has vanished. Sleep. Scientists have still not developed an adequate explanation for sleep. But there you have it – not that I am the first to tinker with this idea of linking human consciousness to the Sun.

I suspect that the the Sun is about to return to a pattern of increased power of some kind, raising the capacity for human consciousness. Chemtrails are about dimming the Sun so that this human breakthrough cannot happen. (I do not consent and nor should you!)


Interestingly, in 2001: A Space Odyssey, there is a scene when the cave men make a breakthrough to a higher consciousness, and this scene involves the monolith, a partial Sun, and a Crescent or “Horned” Moon.

Something is being communicated here. Perhaps “lunar consciousness” hacked “solar consciousness,” and perhaps that explains “the Fall,” or “Paradise Lost.”

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