Self-Fulfilling Prophesy


Today’s posting addresses how Biblical prophesy has either been twisted or rendered absurd by having been transformed into “Self-Fulfilling Prophesy.”


Consider, for example, the youtube analysis of TheGroxt1, who can perhaps be described as a Christian Zionist.

Before getting to the core of the argument, I should first mention that I visited this channel back in 2012 or 2013.

Firstly, at that time, the Groxt was convinced that the Obama administration, which EXPIRED a few months ago, would be a central player to the End Times – during its tenure.


Obama’s image could be found, claimed the Groxt, in natural features of the Earth, in Egyptian hieroglyphs, and on and on and on. Obama this, Obama that. Obamamania.

I distinctly remember the Groxt explaining that “Obama” would precipitate some kind of meteor or asteroid strike – which of course never happened.

Obama is now vacationing somewhere. End of story.


Secondly, I find it to be revealing (in the full sense of that word) that the Groxt kept referring to “planet” Mars and showing computer-generated images (CGI), to explain how the devil himself could be found as a clown or jester figure on the surface.


The CGI images of NASA, run exclusively by Nazis and Freemasons, are dubious.

And for people for whom the geographic rabbit hole goes deeper, the Groxt is a “Ball Earth Sorcerer,” using Google Earth to spin the planet this way and that way.


Thirdly, there is a saying in Economics that if you look for cycles you will find them. Well, if you look for images of a golden fleece, or a pharaoh, or Jesus and Mary on a map of the Earth, then eventually you will find them.

True, there are some uncanny resemblances, but this is not too difficult when the images one begins with are not realistic but rather cartoony.

Fourth, the Groxt recently made a huge deal about how the “Massive Ordnance Air Blast” or “Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB) is fulfilling the Biblical prophesy of “Moab.” No.

The makers and creators of these bombs are simply piggybacking on Biblical prophesy. They simply named the bomb after the Moab in the Bible! How is that fulfillment?!?! It is plagiarism!

Besides, I am not buying the mainstream narrative that the MOAB bomb killed 36 ISIS fighters in Afghanistan and then that number was upped to 90.

So someone dug half a kilometer underground or whatever to unearth the bones. As if anyone has reliable intelligence regarding how many Afghans enter and exit the tunnels.

I’m calling bullshit on MOAB and the CGI rendering of the blast. I’m calling bullshit on claims that the Russians have a MOAB “four times more powerful.” The MOAB gap. Bomb envy. Just more Cold War bullshit.

On a related topic, the Groxt often points to clear false-flag events and works these into Biblical prophesy. So the culmination and completion of divine prophesy depends on an incremental build up of lies and deception? Think about this.

Nothing in this prophetic narrative ever really happens without it being “lied into” existence.

Fifth, I am suspicious of the Groxt always claiming that the “only” path to salvation is through Jesus. This simply reinforces the idea of Christianity as mass-hostage taking and spiritual terrorism.

So your deity insists upon blind faith over reason? Upon respect for authority over empathy? Upon following law before ethics?

Would not a benevolent deity encourage higher, rather than lower, mental faculties?

Would not a benevolent deity prefer being discovered by autonomous individuals, who are internally driven and willed to do so?

I do not mean to belittle the efforts of ordinary people to find meaning in their lives, or to seek the Holy Spirit that is woven into Creation.

However, I have spent a lifetime witnessing the commodification of religion by televangelists who beg for money from people who cannot afford it, while mongering both wars and whores.

There are some good (tolerable) preachers out there, for those who need them. Personally, I liked Joel Osteen at Lakewood in Houston. He is speaking to a wide an audience as possible. He is simply a kind, generous person, and he did more for the New Orleans flood victims than government did.

I think I should say something nice once in a while about Christians, because 90% of the ones I’ve met conveyed that they alone had a monopoly on the truth and pass judgement on me.

Indeed, I do resent many evangelicals who, with a holier-than-thou attitude, are certain that me and mine are damned, while they pogo dance their “Hallelujahs.”

I do not begin as judgmental, but I will return the favor. You’re welcome.

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