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The same people who dropped dozens of clues into Hollywood movies (Back to the Future, etc.) about 9-11 more recently filled a music video with World War III symbolism.

Under discussion today is the “Gangnam Style” video by “PSY” (short for “psychological operation”). No youtube video ever gets more than a few thousand views without it being pumped up by the usual suspects.

At the time of my accessing this video on April 15, it had reached 2,812,144,162 views!

There is a reason for more people watching this video than watched the Apollo “moon landing.”

The controllers, or Illuminati, or whatever you want to call them, feel duty bound to warn as many people as possible of what they will do next. For them, a few split-second hints in cheap movies, television shows and videos will suffice. They feel that this is sufficient warning. Thereafter, your silence is your consent.

Personally, I do not consent to unprovoked war on the Korean peninsula, followed by a false-flag nuclear attack on an American city in the Pacific Northwest, followed by financial collapse, martial law and general war. I’m not saying this scenario is bound to happen. I’m saying that the Prelude to this is declared in the video “Gangnam Style.”

And I’m saying that the controllers, or Illuminati, or whatever you want to call them, now feel entitled to proceed with whatever scenario they wish: because you have been warned.

Today’s posting briefly reviews essential elements within the video with text and images. At the end, the original video is embedded. Perhaps today’s readers can watch it with a fresh perspective.

I’ve learned a few things about watching videos from various youtubers, most of whom I agree with substantially, and so I point to memes that recur in their own analyses of other videos.

The first words spoken are by Psy, referring to himself, as “Oppan Gangnam Style,” and “Oppan” is Korean for “Big Brother” (double meaning) and carries over into English as “Op.” It’s a “PSY OP.”

Gangnam is Seoul’s most glamorous and cosmopolitan zone, kind of like Tokyo’s Ginza. I once sprung for a coffee and cheesecake in Gangnam. It was expensive. Psy is a personification of South Korea’s Americanization and globalization.

Psy is wearing orange suspenders, with orange being the Illuminati color with a numerology of 33 – and it also is the color of the pillars in the parking garage, the mini skirts on some of the Korean girls, and so on…

The opening scenes show Psy dancing like a horse: the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse, as in the Book of Revelation – which, to be sure, includes the blowing of Seven Trumpets (or Trump blowing) in the run-up to The End.


This video is more than 4 minutes. Interestingly, second “33” is the first time the frame begins with an explosion.

Ash and debris are drifting towards Psy as he is flanked by two female dancers – who completely vanish into thin air a few seconds later, not once, not twice, but three times. Is this two-thirds predictive of Seoul’s casualty count?

There are also scenes of Psy luxuriating in a sauna, dancing on a bus with traditional Korean housewives, and also dancing outside near a highway overpass, where two elderly gentlemen play a board game. One man is wearing a hat, an Illuminati symbol for genetic transmutation and inter-dimensionality.

A few moments later, the hatless player is blocked, covered up and out of view, by Psy (the American), but then he emerges during the explosion and can be seen on the right.  The Man in the Hat. He was purposefully blocked up by Psy (by the producers). This took some doing.

In this scene, there is a hidden force (Hat Man) behind American power, represented of course by Psy and his blue jacket.


After the mushroom-cloud explosion we have people dancing next to horses in a musical menagerie. There is also a scene with a few Korean ladies walking backwards (law of reversal). Again with the bus of Korean senior ladies.

South Korea has been literally seduced by “Gangnam style” globalization.


Young Korean women offer up their candy-colored fannies. Sweet Korean ass is right there for the taking, having been tapped by American soldiers for more than six decades.


Next we have a “dance-off” competition.

Psy’s competition is the Yellow Man (Han Chinese) who shows up in a Red Car (Red China, that is, People’s Republic of…). The Illuminati orange pillars hold up the entire edifice.

It’s a friendly dance-off. No one really wins. The Yellow Man, who pulls a few equestrian moves of his own, speeds off in his red car but will be back for more. Yeah, the PRC knows how to party.

There are silly distractions in the elevator and on the train, suggestive of how normal traditional norms can be degenerated by American pop culture.

The subway poster mark at minute 2:11 (22, or 33 if added separately) shows the number 69, which has multiple connotations, the first of which I learned in grade school.


The Korean babe with red-tinted hair and orange skirt has 11 and 22 on her shirt, reinforcing the concept of duality, of the coming together of dialectic forces. The letters “B” and “G” also appear. Who knows why.


Then there is more horse dancing. More luxuriating. More female ass candy.

The video seems to end but does not. The Yellow Man comes back for another dance off.

And in the very, very last live scene, we return to the fiery, mushroom-cloud explosion!

WeChat Image_20170415174943

At the very end of that very last scene, Psy is pointing his finger at us! At you!

You have been warned!

That’s all folks.

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