Ready for My Close-Up!


The recent United Airlines scandal might not be what it seems. There are a few reasons to question the narrative. This might be a “crafted hoax” as Texas Shrugged argues.

His two most recent videos are linked below and emphasize items not included here.

Firstly, there is no story that organically percolates up in the global media complex without it being useful for the larger and longer agenda: turning citizens into subjects, and then subjects into marks.

The story’s lesson is that we have no rights as passangers or consumers, and that corporations are now entitled to employ physical violence against consumers. This simply clears the way, lowers the bar of civilized behavior, and sets new precedent.

It’s a mass conditioning campaign.

Secondly, I noticed across social media quite a few shills who claim to be libertarian but who really work in cublicles in Langley and elsewhere, and who are arguing for the rights of United Airlines to rip a customer out of the seat. This is easy for me to spot because of the 3,000 Facebook “friends” I have maybe 25% are government shills and trolls (with worldwide representation). Hey, what are friends for?


Thirdly, the Vietnamese doctor was able to get back on the plane after he was taken off, standing by the doorway, for a grand photo opportunity. “I’m ready for my close-up!”

If the doctor was really being removed he would have been whisked out of site and out of mind.

Fourthly, a few of the passangers witnessing this incident gave off the look and feel of crisis actor, but that is something people will either intuit or not.

One thing I can certainly intuit is that Texas Shrugged is independent, as are others to be sure. Texas Shrugged is not colluding with anyone and is willing to be self-critical -wherever the logic takes him. A true “thruth seeker.”


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