Lif the Veil did a great job exposing the Syrian dead baby hoax.

The two photographs above seem convincing – they fooled much of the public and all of the globalist neocons.

Upon closer inspection, these are life-like dolls available for purchase. Yes, the rebels have an Amazon.com account.

The doll on the left is the Baby Toddler model called “Ariella,” pictured below.


The doll on the right, below, is another model called “Lyra.” People can choose hair color.


These can be modified to add some basic motions for breathing movements and hand gestures, with the dolls needing batteries.


To the global heavies, neocon traitors and Confederacy of Dunces who actually believe that the Syrian government launched a chemical attack, I have this to say: You are buffoons! 

But that’s OK.

Keep your Scooby-Doo masks on (for the time being), so we do not have to see what is underneath.

Below is a video by Lift the Veil, another insightful youtube presenter.

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