Dryer-less is Best


When I first came to China I thought it was odd that no one had clothes dryers in their homes. No one that I know. Just washing machines. That’s a plus for China. Imagine the electricity required to run dryers for 1 billion people.

Besides, dryers are not needed. Clothes dry themselves in a day or two. Clothes last longer without being beaten up in a hot dryer. The decals on tourist tee-shirts stay intact. Clothes do not fade so quickly.


Above: my washing machine, in Chinese characters only. Just keep pressing buttons until it works.


The water heater set on the hottest setting. For some unknown reason, American skin can take water much hotter than would be comfortable for Chinese people (at least for the ones who’ve been in my shower).


Outside in the hallway these boxes regulate electricity for each apartment. One must purchase a kind of debit card, load it with money in a convenience store, and insert it into the slot for more power.

Speaking of living in China… I saw a youtube video by Jon Humanity, who reported on his phone conversation with MrE3000 (now MrEABC?), another youtuber. They had this conversation despite or because of a feud, is what I gathered.

At one point, Jon explained that MrE3000 had lived in Japan and is now a university professor in a “Chinese country” (maybe Jon meant “Asian country” or simply “China,” but then again, MrE3000 might well have said “Chinese country” to be vague about it all). That is quite a coincidence – because I lived in Japan and am now a university professor in China. C’est tres bizarre.

In any case, I will relocate in December. Not sure where.

I should throw a dart at the world map.

If I miss the circle entirely, well, then I will have to climb a 20,000 foot sheer wall of ice.

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