Youtube Wars


Youtube represents a battleground of ideas, with many “truthers” running against the grain of mainstream news. But a civil war has also emerged among various youtubers.

I am not a youtuber, at least not yet, but by July I will be starting channels to be announced here – and not just on youtube. One of my channels will be purely educational and geared towards seeling online courses in China (about Academic Writing, American cinema, etc…). In other words, that will have nothing to do with any of this.

But I may create other videos along the lines of this webpage, without counting on its wide diffusion. In any case, the youtube wars revolve around two main issues.

First, there is the question of who is and who is not a shill.

Yes, being called a government “shill” is one of the worst thing for a youtuber, especially if the charge gains momentum. All of the prominent youtubers in the truth movement have been called shills at one time or another, and most of them also periodically levy this accusation against others. Lots of finger pointing going on.

I feel removed from this debate. I don’t have a youtube channel. I live in China. I just watch everything interesting and could care less if someone might be a shill. I judge the information on its merits.

Second, there is the question of being on or off the God Squad. The truth movement and the alt-right movement (the latter of which I have no similarities with), are divided.

One one side we have the Bible-thumping “Jesus saves” crowd, and on the other side we have everyone else, including atheists, agnostics and even Deists opposed to monopolization and spiritual kidnapping.

For whatever it is worth, I will weigh in on this debate more completely this weekend. Meantime I will post normally. But this weekend I will write about the emotional terrorism offered up by the cult of Christianity, and how fundamentalist Christianity is a diabolical Trojan Horse (to use Christian terminology). To be fair, I will argue that Islam and Judaism are also dangerous and anti-human, feeding off perpetual conflict and also designed to keep humanity in a slave state.

However, I hope to end on a happy note, arguing for human discernment, the conscience, and original good (as opposed to original sin). I do not want to be that guy who only rants against Church and State. Of course, for the hard-core Christians out there, there is absolutely no difference between Church and State: The Bible is clear about Divine Right of Kings.

More to come this weekend on that topic.

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