9-11 Revisited


Above: Immediately in front of the alleged impact, where golfers can find ideal putting conditions on the smooth grass.

There are so many holes in the official narrative that to believe it requires a leap of faith.

Indeed, people who believe the official story have made an ideological choice, a decision, and refuse to perform any real inquiry or even acknowledge the facts staring at them in the face.

Today’s posting shows some photos of the Pentagon before and after the roof collapse, with a new video below by Texas Shrugged that should put to rest this question – for all except those with half a brain (and there are many of you out there).


This was a low-budget production, but then again, producers and directors were right to underestimate the average person, who displayed a strong will to believe.


This is after the roof collapse. Apparently the plane slipped into another dimension, leaving behind only an engine (belonging to another model of aircraft) and a few other accessories. Who would have thought that the Pentagon was the site of an inter-dimensional wormhole?


This next short video is from Texas Shrugged, presently one of the most interesting commentators out there, suspects that our reality, our timeline, is being manipulated for malevolent purposes, with foreshadowing and a certain amount of predestination.

I would further add that the intermediaries, in their latest effort to bring this reality to a head, and break on through to the other side, have broken the laws of creation (rendering null and void all previous religious contracts and covenants).

Here is the 9-11 video at 2 minutes.



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