Flat Earth Symbolism


The Discovery Channel has a relatively new reality show called The Wheel. It’s a survivalist show about braving the elements.

It’s promo is loaded with words and symbols of the flat earth model, which suggests that the earth is either a flat wheel that spins or is like a wheel – with the firmament spinning above it.

The promo shows a “revolutionary” new series (as in turning). A new “spin” on survival. The contestants “rotate” terrains.

There are “6” amateurs in “6” different climates for “60” days. You get your “666” encoded into the program.

In the 1 minute 10 second promo below, after the 53rd second the imagery becomes more obvious, with the turning of inner and outer rings.

Around the 57th second, the outer disc, on the right had side and farthest away, is the Ice Wall. The image lasts less than a second.

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