Will Comey Follow Suit?

In the video above, we see James Clapper – former Director of DIA and of National Intelligence – out and out lying to Congress over the extent of mass surveillance. The content of his speech is false. We know it and he knows it. His body language and gestures also betray the lie.

Within hours, we might witness the Director of the FBI, James Comey, join the parade of serial liars that goes back to the beginning of the Iraq war and of course earlier as well. (But we already suspect that Comey had some major goods on Senator Clinton and refused to investigate further; and so yes, we know Comey omits the truth).

Comey will provide testimony to the House “Intelligence” Committee, which is an ongoing Broadway show to convince Americans that congressional oversight exists or is effective. It does not.

CNN is already betting that Monday’s meeting will represent a setback for the Trump administration:

“It’s a moment of political theater that could end in humiliation for Trump, with Comey expected to say that there was no wiretapping, debunking allegations that Trump has repeatedly refused to withdraw.”

Trump has been holding a trump card in this round of poker.

He knows full well that he, his family and his aids have been consistently wiretapped across the Bush administration and well into the Obama administration. NSA documents are now coming out that prove this, and some are being exposed by Infowars (credit where credit is due).

That this wiretapping ended in 2010 in bullshit, however. It never stopped… It was just rerouted and outsourced differently.

Also, Trump and his supporters often make the mistake of thinking that Obama personally ordered this wiretapping. No… Whatever his personal qualities, the only thing Obama ordered on a consistent basis were items on the lunch menu. The presidency, as an office, has been a joke for many years.

To a great extent, we see the continuation of the puppet show today. ┬áThe White House is advancing an elitist “divide and conquer strategy” that segments those with little or no power. There is no change to the Federal Reserve system. The military-industrial complex is gobbling up the budget. And in the Middle East, it is not America First but rather Israel First. And there has been zero rollback of the infringement on civil liberties witnessed under Bush and Obama. NDAA 2012 is still in place, for example.

In fact, just by personalizing this issue and highlight Obama, Trump is perpetuating the mythology that the presidency matters. To his credit, maybe Trump thinks it matters, or that it should matter. Well, good luck with that. I’m not being flippant… The presidency should matter.

But on this wiretapping issue, Trump is right. His critics are wrong.

Here, his opponents include almost all the mainstream media and their Talking Heads, the chattering class, the gliteratti, the Beltway Boyz… Trump should really hold up the file of documents and rub it in their faces…

That would be a nice moment.








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