Hoax with a Capital H?

It is worth questioning everything, I think, because so much of this world is false. So it is legitimate to entertain the thought – the hope – that nuclear weapons are a hoax.

This would mean, as the narrator of the video implies (and as others have argued), that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firebombed with then newly-developed conventional bombs capable of producing mushroom clouds (as TNT has been shown to produce). And nuclear power is basically gussied-up steam power, the theory goes.

I’m not willing to believe – not yet – that nuclear weapons are a hoax. But I am certainly going to look into it.

The video above is narrated by MrE3000, a youtuber who has produced many videos claiming that many (if not most) A-list actors and actresses have undergone gender transformations. MrE3000 has no issues with people openly “transexual” but he is on a mission to expose celebrities who are part of a deception, who are Hollywood commodities, and who are products of an “Illuminati tranny factory.”

Some of those claims for specific personalities (not all) are very convincing. Either way, MrE3000 is thought provoking and his informal, stream of consciousness narration works very well. This is a thought-provoking youtube channel.

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