More McCarthyism


Before highlighting Senator John McCain’s accusation that Senator Rand Paul is “working for Vladimir Putin,” it is important to note that reasonable people can object to NATO’s continued expansion and even to its existence.

NATO is a relic and a drain on the resources of multiple nations. And considering the Turkish – Syrian border, NATO is actually a potential source of instability.

At issue is NATO’s gobbling up the corrupt nation of Montenegro, which McCain says is “under assault from the Russians.” Wow! He really must miss the glory days of the Cold War – Hungary, etc… Yeah, those were exciting times.

If Sen. Paul walked out without offering up the verbal dissertation McCain wanted, I’m guessing it is because Rand Paul knows it is futile to debate such a hard-core ideologue as McCain. A fanatic.

The real tragedy here is that McCain cannot understand that an all American patriot, such as Rand Paul, can have legitimate objections to NATO including Montenegro; instead, McCain has to insinuate that the Senator from Kentucky is some kind of traitor.

It is McCain, like McCarthy before him, who is behaving in a way that can only be described as “un-American.”

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