Multi-Speed Europe


Juncker’s Jalopy

As reported in Zerohedge:

“The Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, argued in the European Parliament that a multi-speed Europe was the best solution…

The implementation of the multi-speed Europe concept would see some EU countries grow more united on economic and defense matters while allowing other states to catch up later. The «core» EU states could move faster and further in deepening the eurozone and harmonizing their fiscal and social policy.”

How interesting that people are using the word “core” here, which is accurate beyond the concept of “core” being “central.”

International relations, in academia, has what is called “dependency” theory, which was first developed in Latin America and then picked up by Immauel Wallerstein, Fernand Braudel and others.

Dependency theory categorizes geographic zones (not only between nations but within them) into a wealthy and powerful core, a transitionary semi-periphery, and a poor and unstable periphery.

This applies to a multi-speed Europe, where the EU’s only hope (within that model of course) is to fossilize the unequal relationships between core countries like Germany, semi-peripheral ones like Poland, and peripheral ones like the Club Med nations of Greece, Italy, Spain, etc…

Originally, the EU promised everyone that there would be “harmonization upwards,” and that the continent’s evolution would lift up the poorer nations. Now, however, that optimistic vision is being discarded in favor of a more bureaucratic neo-imperialism. We do not know what exactly this future will look like, but it most likely does not involve smiley happy people.

The EU is now paying the price for its earlier duplicitous and sinister behavior. This includes repackaging referendums over and over until certain national populations could be duped into joining. Like a teenage boy in the backseat of a car, the EU did not want to take “no” for an answer.

Then, what was promised as largely economic integration also became political integration, with incremental shifts of power from national capitals to Brussels – the new Rome, or the new Berlin. The EU became a soft Fourth Reich.

How is the EU an experiment in democratization when more and more decisions shift from separate nations to Brussels? And where, once in Brussels, decisions are increasingly made by unelected commissioners? With no possibility of reversing these decisions?

The EU is a globalist experiment in centralization with a pretty face. Although we all witnessed how force – and/or the threat thereof – was used against anti-austerity demonstrators.

A tiny few longtime readers remember my photos from the street demonstrations of Madrid in December of 2012. I then somehow Gumped my way into a meeting of those organizing demonstrations across Spain. There was this sense of the European Union – with the complicity of the Spanish government – asphyxiating Spanish civil society.

By now it is obvious: the European Union is like a poorly-designed car beginning to break down: a Jalopy.

But the owners of the EU do not want to recognize the car’s screeching noise, the banging and clanging, and the grinding of gears. All these problems are now wrapped up in a new term: “multi-speed Europe.”

It’s like what a shady used-car salesman, trying to sell a lemon, would say to an unsuspecting customer: “It’s multi-speed!”

Holland might not go along for the ride. And France, in fact, being a core country in every sense of the word, might soon take the Jalopy to the junk yard. The Juncker yard…

One can hope…

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