The Three Os


The latest Wikileaks release is interestingly timed in our timeline.

Just as US domestic politics is heating up with the surveillance issue, Wikileaks releases some documents from its “Vault.” These show the extent of CIA and presumably NSA surveillance: everything digital, essentially.

Of course, there are no analysts hovering over each and every email, phone call, or video from a television. But this digital material can be accessed with a keystroke, and it routinely is. (A warrant is never needed by the true puppet masters, who occupy a place above nationality, above religion, and above open, visible politics. They remain nameless.)

The entire concept of a FISA warrant, and other types of warrants, is a complete charade. It’s for public consumption. It’s to fool people into thinking that there are some kinds of judicial or legislative constraints on who, what, where and when the deep state can monitor. This is why just recently a few FISA requests were rejected: to dupe people into thinking the system has checks and balances. There are no constraints. There are no checks and balances.

Ultimately, perpetually-expanding mass surveillance is not really about national security, although we should be thankful to the low-ranking intelligence officers who try to gain knowledge about potential terrorists and lunatics.

Ultimately, mass surveillance is about serving the interests of a vile cult. For them, their cult is bent on replicating, or duplicating, the Omniscience and Omni-presence of a Creator.

However, this cult replaces the third attribute, Omni-benevolence, with its opposite: Omni-malevolence.

The agenda behind mass surveillance is malevolent because it is ultimately about establishing an Orwellian system of complete and total control. (And just think of the “progress” made in three decades – you’ve come along way, baby!”)

The agenda behind mass surveillance is malevolent because it is about remaining “above,” and “seeing” all human activity, and achieving the capacity to manipulate, divide and conquer, parasite upon, and cull large portions of the human race.

Those who imagine themselves to be Masters of the Universe are really Pawns of the Demiurge.

Someday, perhaps, it will come down to us or them.

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