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Something happened last week at the UN Security Council that garnered little attention in the western press: China and Russia vetoed an anti-Syria resolution.

The resolution was concocted by the US (the product of the previous administration, but apparently not sidelined by the current one). Of course the British and the French were on board.

As Chinese media reports:

“The defeated resolution, drafted by Britain, France and the US, aimed to impose sanctions over alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria. If adopted, the draft resolution would have imposed asset freezes and travel bans on individuals and entities associated with the Syrian government.”

We live in an upside-down, reversed world. Two years ago there emerged compelling evidence that the rebels released chemical weapons in Syria, surely at the behest of their handlers, with precisely the goal of using “lawfare” for regime change.

At present there is no hard and fast evidence that the Assad government has ever used such weapons. And why should it? The government’s use of chemical weapons would be extremely counterproductive and surely backfire. Their use would play into the hands of those seeking to use international institutions to undermine Syria.

Chinese media then reported on this British lackey:

“UK’s permanent representative to the UN Matthew Rycrofttold the council that he was astonished by Russia’s abuse of veto power, and was ‘surprised and disappointed’ that China had also cast a veto.”

Astonished? Really? I do say!

The report continues:

Chinese permanent representative to the UN Liu Jieyifought back those denouncements with a rare seven and a half minutes’ long speech.

“We oppose the use of chemical weapons by any state, any organization and any individual under any circumstance, and support the punishments against all instances of chemical weapons use,”said Liu.

“As a victim of chemical weapons back in those days, China has more right than any othercountry to condemn its use,” the diplomat added.

One advantage of the Chinese mindset is that they actually remember what happened in 2003, and the fabricated claims that Iraq had WMD.

“We still remember the huge disasters brought by some countries after they waged wars against the region by alleging the latter of possessing large amount of weapons of mass destruction, and the Middle East still has not shaken itself from its after-effects,” Liu underlined.

Very true, when you think about it.

At the end – after the West got suitably hosed with a double veto – the Chinese representative offered some much needed schooling:

“In his last seconds of off-script remarks, Liu asked relevant stakeholders to reflect on how Syria and the Middle East were allowed to degenerate to their current situations, and what parts they played in this process.”

Indeed. As a kindergarden teacher would say to unruly kids:

“Can you think about your ‘choices?’ Maybe you can make different ‘choices’ next time?


The full article is found here: http://en.people.cn/n3/2017/0305/c90000-9186014.html





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