The New McCarthyism



I was expecting to write more frequent blogs critical of the new administration’s policies, as I am certainly opposed to its stance on immigration and parts of its foreign policy, such as encircling China and Israel First.

But the opposition to the Trump administration – instead of sustaining thoughtful and focused criticism – is now awash in lies and exaggerations so egregious that I feel compelled to say something…

Nor do I back Jeff Session’s general convervatism, his promised crackdown on marijuana dispensaries, etc… But he did nothing wrong here. In his job on the Armed Services Committee, he would be meeting with ambassadors (or their staff) from dozens of countries. As he did.

But his mistake was apparently to cross paths with the Russian Ambassador or his staff members. So what? Who cares? This is part of his job before he joined the Trump administration. He was supposed to meet with Russian officials. And so his answers to Senate questioning were technically accurate.

Sessions might well be one of the least likely Russophiles around…

Really? Sessions is “Red?” Is he vulnerable to being recruited as a Russian spy? (A few people insinuate that the Russian Ambassador is cloak and dagger guy…)

Well, I suppose any (or most) men would in fact fall for the charms of a Russian honeypot, some snow bunny sent over. But that did not happen to Sessions, either…



Is there something in the political DNA of America that needs a bogeyman like Russia (or China)?

This genetic defect is most visible in its politicians, ever since the days of the Cold War and McCarthyism: “Are you now, or have you ever been, a communist?”

The answer to that question should always have been: “No one cares, and by the way, go fuck yourself.”


We have been Hot Tub Time Machined back to the 1950s. We have been Back to the Futured. This time the Democrats, even more than the Republicans, are red baiting, or Russia baiting. Amazing…

For me, from the luxurious distance of 9,000 miles, this looks like parody and satire.

How will Saturday Night Live survive when “real politics” is more ridiculous than anything it could present?

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